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With MyWebAR you can create your first AR scene in just 30 seconds!
In this video, we wil create AR book cover with animated 3D model.
You will be able to sequentially scan several images and see augmented reality content over each of them. We will also talk about the guidelines for creating an image that works best with augmented reality.
In this video, we will create an augmented reality project for the cup by using the cylinder on the MyWebAR platform.
In this video, we will create an augmented reality project by using the Ready Player Me plugin.
In this video, we will create an augmented reality project for the winter packaging by using the Image Tracking on the MyWebAR platform.
Welcome to the new MyWebAR - the 'Canva' for AR. Check all new features for your future AR creations!
Searching for the easy way to create AR projects? Try mywebar.com and create the project in seconds!
Let's create an augmented reality avatar in just 40 seconds! It only takes 5 steps.
In this video we will tell you how to make an animation for your avatar. Even without 3D animation skills, you can easily make an animation in 3 steps.
In this video we will tell you how to create a simple animation of a 3D object downloaded from Sketchfab.
In this video we will tell you how to record several animations in one file on different tracks.
In this video we'll tell you how to improve lighting if your model looks dark. We'll do it with the help of Poly Haven.
A beautiful business card is a way to leave a good impression of yourself. And an AR card will be remembered forever! We will tell you how to do it simply by mywebar.com.
Masks & Face Filters are one of the most popular AR experiences in the world! We want to tell you how to create AR projects with Masks & Face Filters.
There have been a few additions to our Extension Store that might have gone unnoticed. Let's start by making some noise with the Spatial Sound Extension!
Types of AR Experiences
MyWebAR Image Tracking allows you to detect, track and augment user-defined images to create augmented reality books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, posters or add AR content to product packaging.
Make a magazine with augmented reality, which will help you to stand out from the competitors. It is not difficult to do this using our site.
Create your own avatar with Ready Player Me. It can be found in the extension section.
Create a 360 degree immersive panorama allowing users to look around themselves in augmented reality.
Adding this extension to your scene will enable an on-screen joystick that will allow users to control a character, a vehicle, or any other 3D model.
With this plugin you can create an AR project with a material replacement effect.
Reviews and tutorials by our creators in different languages
Create your own augmented reality Christmas card using MyWebAR.com.
คืนชีพ!! หัวข้อ "การสร้างนามบัตรแบบ AR (Augmented Reality) ด้วย MyWebAR เทคโนโลยี AR สุดล้ำที่ฮิตกัน‼️ มาร่วมเรียนรู้ควบคู่ความสนุกกับ Workshop AR ง่าย ๆ กับ #เทคโนไกด์
En este tutorial te enseñaré como crear realidad aumentada para productos especiales como botellas, latas y envases curvos. Trabajaremos con "mywebAR" para crear una experiencia interactiva. In this tutorial I will show you how to create augmented reality for special products such as bottles, cans and curved packaging. We will work with "mywebAR" to create an interactive experience.
استخدام تقنية الواقع المعزز augmented reality في التعليم الذكي والإعلام والدعايه عن طريق موقع mywebar.com اسلوب الكود QR
สร้างแอป AR แบบง่ายๆ ใช้งานผ่านเว็บบราวเซอร์ด้วย MyWebAR
ตอนที่ 1 การสร้างสื่อ AR ง่ายๆ ด้วย mywebar (การสมัครใช้งาน)
Blender, AR, Mywebar!
AR it's simple with MyWebAR.
Create a real case using the MyWebAr service.
How to create simple augmented reality using MywebAR website.
MyWebAr service.
Create augmented reality world tracking experiences in your browser with MyWebAR.
This video explains how to create a business card using the service mywebar.com.
Utilize a combination of three distinct tools (Ready Player Me, DeepMotion, MyWebAR) to generate an animated 3D avatar using AI that can be seen in AR.
ความเป็นจริงเสริมกับประยุกต์ใช้ในการศึกษาจาก MyWebAR ผลไม้กีวี
Cara termudah membuat augmented reality untuk media pembelajaran MyWebAR
Updated with a Sketchfab integration, this AR creation tool makes great experiences to view in your browser.
สอนวิธีการนำ model 3D มาสร้าง Ar ใน MyWebAR
MyWebAR continues to impress as one of the best AR creation tools out there, especially sharing with WebXR. Create immersive experiences with ease by importing 360 photos through the Extension Store.
Ahora con la plataforma MyWebAR puedes crear fácilmente modelos 3D para tus experiencias de realidad aumentada. Genera modelos con inteligencia artificial text-to-3d.
What products can be combined with AR? Any! Expand your possibilities, be visible, show and give your customers more opportunities to interact with your product. If you are still in doubt, look at how cool it can be!
Consumer Products
AR Puzzles: Transformer
AR can bring puzzles to life, giving users an added incentive to complete them accurately. This technology has a wide range of applications, including puzzle production, collecting items like cards and stickers, branded and licensed merchandise, children's toys, and more.
AR for Music
AR Backpack
Live AR Photo
AR Book Cover: Ocean
AR Jacket
AR Loyalty Card
AR Souvenirs
AR T-shirt: Tanjiro
AR Bedding: Dinosaurs
AR T-shirts
AR Air Freshener
Collectible Stickers
AR Bank Card
Travel AR Magazine
AR Book Character
AR T-shirt: Huggy Wuggy
Now you can listen to music not only in reality but also in augmented reality! Present your album or single, add atmosphere and images, and transport the user to the amazing world of music right from where they are. It can be just a point for listening to music, an animated album, or a poster - anything you can imagine!
Augmented reality can make clothes and accessories even more unique! You can even add an AR scene to a bag or backpack. A stylish design, a joke or a challenge - everything you need to bring your brand's fashion idea to life.
Are familiar photos no longer surprising? How about a live, seemingly magical photo that captures all your emotions and moods? A live photo can make a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Print it, make a postcard, or even bring an entire photo album to life!
Bring book covers to life and show the impossible with augmented reality. For example, take a walk on the ocean floor without special equipment! Isn't it mesmerizing?
Whet the visitors' appetite at the menu viewing stage. Dishes in augmented reality will definitely dispel any doubts about whether to eat or not. Add information about the dish or a video presentation from the chef. Turn the experience of interacting with the menu into a real show!
Make augmented reality part of the brand style of your fashion collection! AR jackets, t-shirts, hoodies or suits - not only do they look cool and original, they also give customers an extra reason to take great photos or videos and share your brand on social media.
Improve your loyalty program with AR by staying connected with customers and offering engaging experiences such as interactive displays, games, and visually stunning compositions. AR strengthens customer loyalty and elevates your brand's image.
Souvenirs can help travelers keep a piece of the country or city they visited. With AR, items such as magnets, postcards, calendars, coasters, and more can become even more emotional. AR can add a new level of interest and excitement to traditional souvenir items, offering tourists a unique way to remember their experiences and share them with others.
Characters from famous movies, anime series, video games and other popular franchises are a real trend in fan fashion! That's why apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and other wardrobe items decorated with them are in high demand. Make them even cooler with augmented reality! Add animations, branded music and even voice-overs to get fans even more excited.
Wouldn't it be great if your favourite cartoon characters dropped by from time to time? AR makes it possible! Place an AR marker on the bedding and your child can play with the character and even take a picture with them.
Augmented reality can be placed anywhere! For instance, on a T-shirt, a hoodie, or a shopper's bag. Whether it's for branding, art, or a new form of communication, it all depends on your imagination. AR in clothing is the new black.
Create the right atmosphere to showcase your product using augmented reality technology. Engage even more senses at once! Choose the music, background, add visuals - users will definitely appreciate it.
Augmented reality stickers will be a real discovery for parents and children. The collecting goes beyond the usual process and gives new impressions. Learn more about football team players!
Bank card can do more than just display your current balance or recent transactions. By coming to life through AR, it has the potential to become an interactive art piece, a powerful advertising tool, or a way to showcase seasonal promotions. AR can enhance the user's banking experience and offer additional benefits beyond standard card functionality.
How to enhance the experience of reading articles and viewing photos? With augmented reality, of course! Give your readers a new immersive experience of faraway countries and magical palaces. The illustration can come to life on the magazine page, or even in the room around the reader!
Characters from books, comics, and novellas can now come to life in augmented reality. He can become an integral part of a physical book and move from the imaginary world to the real one. The character can talk about the book, say his signature phrases, and make signature movements. And you can also take photos with him and interact with him.
An AR T-shirt can become not only a stylish accessory, but also a portal to other worlds. You can bring a scene to life not only on the shirt itself, but also in the space around the user. Whether it's cute unicorns or creepy creatures from an abandoned toy factory, it's up to you.
Designing a book cover that features a character coming to life through AR is a distinctive and captivating solution for a competitive book market. This approach provides readers with an engaging and immersive experience with their beloved hero, while also offering creative promotional avenues.
Book Cover That Talks to You
Thanks to the special features of augmented reality, you can modify the appearance of real-world 3D objects like toys. You can add AR costumes and emotions, music and decorations, and change the coloring and mood. AR enhances the real 3D object by adding new properties, making it more visually appealing, functional, and interesting.
AR can be added to any flat images, such as posters, cards, mouse pads, souvenir magnets, or drink mats. Whatever you come up with - whether it's a tourist attraction, an amazing experience, or branded content - AR can be a valuable tool to enhance it.
Even the fiercest beast will become tame with augmented reality. Whatever you bring to life - a poster, a book, a cover, or a magazine - just come up with your unique style using wild nature, and AR will help you tame it.
The use of AR in souvenir products is a real discovery that will allow you to stand out from thousands of other similar products. Thanks to Augmented Reality, the memory hidden in a postcard or souvenir photo comes to life with the memories of the user. Who can resist such a miracle?
AR Toy: Change of Looks
AR Drink Mat
AR Book Cover: Lion
AR Postcard: London
AR Menu: Hot Dog
Holidays, sales, and gifts - that's what if not everyone, then very many people love. Shoppers face a huge selection, and you can direct them in the right direction with AR. Attract attention, be original, and open to new ideas. And we will show you some examples.
Seasonal / Holidays / Celebration
Each year under a magical October moon, the pumpkin people come to visit us! Do you think it's just a fairy tale? Well, it's not! In augmented reality, any fairy tale or fantastic character can become real. Use AR to hold cool events, attract attention, and just have fun.
An original AR greeting card is the perfect way to add magic and fun to a birthday! Let the birthday person immerse themselves in a captivating world of interactive effects and greetings that come to life right before their eyes!
Take your packaging to the next level with augmented reality! Whatever you have in mind - advertising, atmosphere, or holiday greetings - AR will be an excellent tool to make your packaging interactive and attract even more attention.
This baby will extend heartfelt congratulations to all the lovebirds on this special occasion and will showcase its energetic dance moves. Incorporate it into your product, card, or package using AR technology to bring an extra dose of joy and excitement to your customers.
Christmas is a time of wonders! You want to share them with everyone. With augmented reality, this is now possible! Place AR on disposable cups in cafes, and all your visitors will get a piece of magic. Or create a unique interactive gift - it all depends only on your imagination.
Immerse yourself in a world of wonder with postcards that come to life through AR. Just scan the QR code or the image, and let the magic of augmented reality unfold. These innovative postcards are designed to bring joy to the recipient, making every moment a delightful experience.
You can't miss a sale like this! It's not just additional advertising, but also a creative approach to decorating your space.
Nothing lifts your mood like news of a Christmas sale. Now you can even announce it in augmented reality! Get a discount personally from Santa Claus? Easy!
It can be difficult at times to choose clothes or makeup. To understand the size of a future purchase or how it will look in the overall room design. To consider from all angles or try out some functions. It's especially hard to understand this just from photos in online stores. How many people pass by not knowing that this item is the one they need! However, with augmented reality, the choice becomes easier, and engagement is higher.
AR Masks & Face Filters
Trying on a Watch
Experience the future of retail with our AR mask technology. Delight your customers with an extraordinary and immersive shopping journey, enabling them to effortlessly try on and assess a wide range of masks directly on their own faces.
You can advertise your property in augmented reality! Our easy-to-use platform allows you to show 3D models of your homes and share them with potential buyers.
You can offer a unique catalog that allows your customers to interact with virtual furniture right in their homes! Create a cool solution that will attract more customers and increase sales.
Finding the perfect clock through augmented reality is a enjoyable experience. Augmented reality feature allows customers to virtually try on different clocks, making the decision-making process effortless and exciting.
AR Sneaker Store
Watches AR Catalog
Ice Cream AR Menu
Skateboard AR Catalog
Fast Food AR Menu
Test Drive AR Car
Real Estate AR Catalog
Unreal! Save and share this amazing AR case for your inspiration! ECommerce, presentations, try-on, demos and much more!
Delight your customers with a collection of augmented reality watches. They will all be at their fingertips instantly, just by turning the card. From elegant parade watches to sporty chronographs, the customer is sure to find their perfect option.
Bring ice cream to life with a unique augmented reality menu! Offer customers an unforgettable experience by allowing them to interact with virtual desserts on their devices.
Discover an extraordinary concept for your catalog or showcase! Embrace a modern, creative, and eco-friendly approach that will captivate your audience.
Create interactive menu with realistic food models to let customers explore your restaurant's or cafe's cuisine and help them make the decision.
Test-driving your dream car is now possible in augmented reality. You can see the interior of the vehicle and its functions from the comfort of your own home. Your customers will love it!
Fast moving portals exist! Do you want to show off the room design you've created? Promote a cafe? Then get into augmented reality!
Immerse customers in a world of augmented reality, where they can pick out the perfect bike before making a purchasing decision. Give them confidence in their choice with augmented reality technology.
Designing a house with augmented reality is easy! Not only will you be able to fit the project into the desired landscape, but you will also be able to visualise all your ideas. Get the most out of your project!
Traditionally, trying on clothes has been limited to physical fitting rooms, but AR is changing the game. Stencil technology allows users to see different clothes in the same size model, which makes the shopping experience much easier.
The best presentation for your product is the one that makes an impact. Augmented reality will do just that!
Bicycle AR Catalog
House AR Project
Trying on AR clothes
Car AR Catalog
House AR Catalog
Futniture AR Catalog
AR MacBook Preview
Augmented reality previews can really take product presentation to the next level! t all begins with a concept. Don't use technology for the sake of technology. Think about the benefits you can give your users through AR.
Augmented reality is a new canvas and paint, a material that is just waiting to be used. An entire reality is in your hands. All that's left is to start creating.
Arts & Culture
The picture in the arch of the Museum of Modern Art was painted by one of the most famous street art painters Petro Aesthetics. Creativity can make a stronger impression with AR!
The biggest digital Art project becomes a part of the local street art festival "Spot Project". The art project was done on the facade of a 9-story building near noisy streets. Use AR for your cool project ideas too!
Bringing graffiti to life is a new level of interaction with art. With augmented reality, you can transform your favorite graffiti into interactive masterpieces!
Experience the enchanting world of Leonardo da Vinci as the painting comes to life before your very eyes. Delve into the captivating life and extraordinary works of this renowned artist, while uncovering fascinating historical insights intertwined with this iconic masterpiece.
Creating creative advertising that stands out from the competition is becoming increasingly difficult? Try a new niche using modern technology - augmented reality. With AR, you can not only be one step ahead but also implement ideas that previously seemed impossible. Take a look!
Promotion & Marketing campaign
Baby Mascot
McDonald's Burgers
Stranger Things
Bring mascots to life with real-world interactions and increase brand recognition.
Eating in company is much more fun. Offer your customers an AR company during a leisurely breakfast or free lunch. You can even add games to your products.
Movie characters come to life right on the street?! Why not?
Tubes Intra
Dino Banner
Are you working with complex technologies that can't be explained in a nutshell? With MyWebAR and augmented reality, everything becomes much clearer.
A skeleton is not always scary! Especially when it's dancing!
A mascot is not just a symbol of a company. In AR, it becomes a real assistant and consultant that all users will love. You can take pictures with it, interact, play, and much more.
Check 3 smart and simple AR ideas for cylinders!
1. Add social media 3D icons with URL on click from MyWebAR library.
2. Add any of your videos with the Curved video plugin by one click.
3. Use Ready Player Me plugin and Sketchfab integration for animated 3D models.
This menu is sure to whet your appetite. After all, all the dishes on it are just like the real thing!
Send your love to your users with AR. Create a character you want to be friends with and place it on your product. Your feelings will be reciprocated.
Offer customers an immersive experience. Allow them to interact with game heroes in the real world using AR technology. Provide the opportunity to control their favorite hero or simply stand next to them and capture a fun video or take a photo.
Mexican Menu
Alpura Milk
Game AR Hero: UFC
AR Mascot
AR on the Drink Can
Education & Instruction
Anatomy. Human Organs
Space Card
Interactive journey through the mysteries of the human body in augmented reality! Simple, clear and accessible.
Space in the palm of your hand. The next generation of educational materials! It has long been an open secret that AR increases attention and engagement by 90%. What if we were taught that way in school?
Teach Kids about Dinosaurs
AR can change the world around you. What do you want it to be? Magical with fantastical creatures? Ancient as it was when the dinosaurs lived? Futuristic? Create what you like.
Microorganisms even without a microscope! After all, there is now an augmented reality.
AR as an instruction manual right on your product. You haven't seen anything like this before!
Let your customer see what what's in the box without opening it! Use MyWebAR and create augmented reality packaging.
Colgate. How to brush your teeth
Nesquik Breakfast. English Tuition
Do you want to be not only creative, but also useful to your customers? Educational videos, games and quizzes right on the product using augmented reality technology can help you do just that.
This breakfast will not only give you energy for the first part of the day, it will also recharge your brain! Logical games, interesting activities and even learning the alphabet in AR. Parents will appreciate it, and the children will loveit.
Many children don't like routine and boring activities. However, with augmented reality everything becomes easier and more interesting. After all, their favorite characters are an example of that!
AR with Hillway! Top AR packaging in Asia.
Berry Boom Paste
Bubble Tea
Colgate Paste
Useful, beautiful and unusual! It's all about augmented reality packaging. It will make your product stand out from the rest. Your design will take it to the next level!
Games. Music. Fun! All this will appear on your product with augmented reality! No more need for additional apps. Everything is available right in your browser.
Place the AR game on your packaging! Buyers will love it.
Pringles Chips
Oreo with Game
Create your own AR business card! Add digital avatar, videos, photos, own voice, 3D models as social media icons, links and more!
Anna's Business Card
Create a special business card with AR! You can use any content: pictures, videos, 3D models, buttons, etc.
Digital Fashion Designer
Caroline's Business Card
Book Stores
Promote your product here and now! Right on your business card.
A beautiful business card is a way to leave a good impression of yourself. And an AR card will be remembered forever!
In such a bookstore will not only want to return again and again, but also to tell friends about it.
Leave an impression of yourself as a modern, advanced professional. The AR business card will help you do just that.
How about a recipe for an interesting dish right on the product packaging?
AR Experiences by Our Creators
No one is surprised by a familiar photo anymore? How about a live, magical photo? Now the photo captures all the emotions and moods. A live photo makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.
Unusual package with augmented reality for a gift. Can serve as a personal signature, instead of a card or as an original decoration. Give a good mood!
Hologram generation using mywebar.com
Mywebar สร้างตัว Avatar ด้วยเทคโนโลยี AR ❤️ติดตามทักษะอนาคตได้ที่ LINE
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Speaker - Anna Belova, , CEO & Founder DEVAR, Serial tech entrepreneur, Forbes U 30. How to effectively sell AR? How to present to clients? What business tasks of the client can be sold through AR? These and many other questions will be answered in our webinar.
Speaker - Anna Belova, , CEO & Founder DEVAR, Serial tech entrepreneur, Forbes U 30. Let's discuss the following questions. What kind of content will we need tomorrow and how do we start applying it today? What technologies are needed to create it? Looking for effective use of AR for the tasks of clients, business? New AR professions of the future. And much more.
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