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Here are some useful articles on how to use MyWebAR service. Here you can learn how to work with basic and PRO editor.
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How to work with basic editor

Learn what Project Types exist and create your own augmented reality project.
Learn how to prepare a marker for a good image tracking.
Read about how to add objects to the augmented reality scene. Here you can also find some information on how to add several objects and how to improve the scene.
You can implement interaction with your objects.
MyWebAR also supports Video Playback and 3D Animations. This makes the scene dynamic and more true to life.
In addition, MyWebAR can collect statistics of your projects to help you analyse your augmented reality.
A great way to improve your project is to WEBAR CUSTOMIZATION.

How to work with advanced editor

The advanced editor allows you to create more complex scenes. This article tells you about PRO editor interface. Be very attentive as this tool is rather complicated.
The scenes from the advanced editor will be loaded into the basic editor, so you need to know how to work with the code and objects properly.
Moreover, the advanced editor has some restrictions.
In this article, you can find case studies on the use of the advanced editor.

Plugin editor

In MyWebAR you can create your own primitive, called a plugin.
The plugin is written in the JavaScript programming language, so it is important to work with the code. The plugin system has a built-in code editor.
You can also add your own variables and properties and interact directly with the user who uses your plugin.
Writing an error-free code is very important, so pay attention to finding and debugging errors. How to debug the code in plugin editor you can read in the article below:
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