Can I Have an Image-Based Experience Without a QR Code?
MyWebAR allows you to add augmented reality to QR codes, flat or curved images and the plain surfaces of the real world. However, even if you create an experience based on a custom image, you will still get a unique QR code.
A QR code is simply an entry point. It's a convenient way for the user to quickly open the link of your webAR experience without manually typing it into the search field.

QR codes can be scanned by the native iOS or Android camera right out of the box, without installing any extra apps. By scanning the QR code of an image-based experience, the user will launch your AR experience, but the content will be displayed on top of the image you uploaded as its marker while creating it.

This is why you can't have image-based experiences without QR codes, since without a QR code there's no way for the user to know which link they need to open to recognize your particular image.

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