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Using External File Server

Unlimited plan allows you to link augmented reality content from your own file server or cloud storage to avoid the scans and storage limits.
Please note, that the server you are importing your file from should allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and should have Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Click here to learn more.
We will use Dropbox cloud storage to demonstrate how to do this. First, you need to upload your file to the file storage.
Once the file is uploaded, we need to generate its direct link by clicking on the Copy link button.
The link will appear at the bottom of the screen and will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Your generated link will look like this:
However, to make a Dropbox link work directly you would need to replace the with and change the dl attribute to 1 So your final link should look like this:
Open your MyWebAR project and click on the Use Private File Server toggle in the lower left corner. Please note, that this feature will only be visible if you are on the Unlimited plan or have the Unlimited plan trial.
Select the object type you are going to add on the AR content panel on the left side of the editor and click on the + (plus button) next to it.
Paste the link to your file into the input field and click on the Import button.
Your imported object will appear on the scene.