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Custom WebAR Domain

After connecting a custom domain you will be able to access any of your projects by replacing the part of your project URL with your domain name. For example, if your project is available at it will also be available at
The domain name or URL is what people type into their browser address line to find your augmented reality experience. MyWebAR does not provide domain names. You will need to manage domain name records on the side of your domain name registrar. Connecting a custom domain name is available on the Basic and Unlimited plans. To get started go to the Domains tab on the left panel of the Dashboard.
Here you will see all domains currently connected with your MyWebAR projects. Click on the Connect Domain button to assign a new domain name.
Go to your domain registrar, find the DNS zone of the domain and add an A type record pointed to the IP address Type the domain you have pointed into the Domain Name field and choose the project you want to assign to this domain. You can use either Book or Page field to assign a top-level project for your domain that will be available by visiting the direct link Book stands for a multimarker project, while Page stands for an individual project. Check the Provide your own SSL certificate field if you want to use your own SSL certificate instead of the one automatically issued by
Once everything is set up, click on the Add button below to complete the domain connection.