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Editor Overview

Creating a new project or editing an existing one will get you to the Editor window.
This is where you can add objects to your augmented reality scene, adjust their position and size, assign interactive actions and more.
On the left side of the Editor you can see the AR content panel, where you can add different kinds of content to your scene, including:
• Images • Videos • Green Screen Videos • Sliding Videos • 3D Models • Texts • Light Sources • JavaScript Code (Json MAE)
In the middle of the Editor you can see the 3D workspace reflecting your augmented reality scene. Depending on the type of project you can also see a QR code or your target image there.
All content that you add using the AR Content panel will appear here.
On the right you will find the Properties panel where you can adjust the size, position and rotation of a selected object in the Appearance tab.
You can also assign interactive behaviors to your objects using the Actions tab of the Properties panel.
In the top bar of the Editor you will find the following buttons:
Preview — test your AR scene without running it on a mobile device.
Save — save the changes you've made to your AR scene without making them public
Project Settings — manage your project's name, URL, QR code appearance, customize the loader image, add a logo to the AR camera, upload an HDRI, change image target and more
Publish — make the changes you've made public and available to all users
Get QR Code — generate and download the QR code users can scan to access your webAR experience