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Dashboard Overview

After logging into your account you will see the Dashboard.
This is the main interface where you can create and manage your webAR projects and set up different features available on account.
On the left side of the Dashboard you can see the menu with different tabs.
Please note, not all tabs may be available depending on your current plan.

Projects Tab

This tab contains all of your projects and allows you to create new webAR experiences and manage the existing ones.
To get started you can clone one of the available templates (1) or create a project from scratch (2).
You can also edit, embed or delete your existing projects (3).

Books Tab

This tab allows you to combine several image tracking projects into a multimarker one, so that you can scan several images using one AR camera. Here you can create a new multimarker project (1) or view, get a QR code, edit and delete (2) existing ones.

Domains Tab

MyWebAR allows you to use a custom domain name to personalize your webAR URL. Here you can connect a new domain name (1) and manage your connected domains (2).

Account Tab

This tab allows you to change your language and country, manage your account settings, current plan and payment method, as well as find the legal documentation.
On the left side of the dashboard you will also find your account status, including your current plan, number of available scans, amount of free cloud storage and number of available projects.
This information is visible on any tab of the Dashboard.
You can use this block to upgrade your plan by clicking on the Upgrade button next to the scans and projects limits.
You can also manage your uploaded files by clicking on the Manage button next to the free storage indicator.